Camp Bisco's Coming Back!!

By Etan Wish

There's nothing like the sheer excitement of getting the news that the festival that kicked off all festivals for you is coming back after a long year haitus. After Camp Bisco 12, The Indian Lookout Country Club said farewell to camp... and there was no new location announced for the next year. Essentially there was the Hudson Music Project to fill the gap... but it left quite a few people really missing their home with the Biscuits. Well now at a brand new, REALLY fun location, Camp Bisco is coming back to us!!



Camp Bisco will be held on Montage Mountain, a ski spot located in the mountains overlooking Scranton. This location sports camping on a ski slope, an indoor lodge, at least three stages with one being situated in the water park that's at the base of the mountain... complete with a wave pool, lazy river, water slides and SHOWERS. There is also room to throw a frisbee, or to play volley ball. With the festival happening in the middle of the hot season, this spot is sure to tickle your festival fancy.


Camp Bisco is the home of the Disco Biscuits, which means we should expect some awesome music to be played around the clock. Just by heading into the main website you have a few names dropped including: The Disco Biscuits, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, STS9, Big Gigantic, Tipper and Atmosphere... holy crap that is a poweful way to pull people in. Alongside these heavy hitters include some of our favorites like Exmag, Tauk, Ott, Papadosio, Snails, Sweater Beats, Horizon Wireless, and Moon Hooch.. to name a few. There are plenty others announced and more to come!!



Bisco has always been about having fun, and now you can earn points towards really interesting rewards at camp!! Sign up for Camp Bisco's FanFueled to earn points to spend toward rewards, like ticket giveaways, activities with the Disco Biscuits, and even your own personal porta potty. Things should get interesting. 


Be sure to check out the main website for updated info on the festival and of course to snag your tickets!!