North Coast Music Festival 2019

About North Coast Music Festival:

The North Coast Music Festival in Chicago calls itself "Summer's Last Stand" ... it happens over Labor Day weekend in Union Square Park, a festival to wind down the Summer festival season with three days of electronic music and hip-hop.

The confirmed dates for the North Coast Music Festival in 2014 are Aug. 29 - 31.



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Splitting costs/ Ride Sharing
Angel Jean Carlo over 5 years ago

Driving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to union park on friday August 29th. Planning on staying at a hostel and wanting to get an 8 person room which would drop the cost to 28$ per person per night. If you are interested let me know . Of course we will have to establish rapport and make sure there is a level of comfortableness. I am 21 Junior, studying psychology, very chill traveling with a friend 19, freshmen in college.

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