Ziontific Summer Solstice 2018

About Ziontific Summer Solstice:

With amenities for all ages, ZIONTIFIC's Summer Solstice Music Festival has an awareness-inspired, energizing, family retreat ambiance. Smiling, happy faces will gather from near and far to welcome summer with open arms in Western Massachusetts for 3 Days, 3 Nights of Family, Music, Camping and Nature.

ZIONTIFIC seeks to provide attendees with the most energetic, inspirational, educational and uplifting musical experience to kick off their summer right. Each and every one of the bands on the line-up has a positive message to spread. With their unique musical focus in the regional festival scene being on reggae, funk and conscious hip-hop, ZIONTIFIC has the reputation of booking acts that won't be seen on most other festival schedules. From regional up-and-comers to international acts, this year’s line-up is bound to keep everyone movin’ and groovin’ for all 3 days and nights.


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